Klarity Cleaning Services LLC.

Welcome to Klarity Cleaning Services!  

We are here to offer our many different cleaning services to you! Choose from a variety of services including deep cleaning, sanitization, with Residential and Commercial services available. If you are a sensitive person, we can do an "Eco Friendly Clean" to keep your nose from running away!

About Us:

Are you seeing "cleaning hacks" or "trends" on TikTok, Instagram and other outlets? Almost all of these methods are BOGUS and will absolutely destroy your surfaces and furniture over time. Cleaning actually takes a great deal of knowledge because every surface is different. Our team is knowledgeable with women who have cleaned for many years and are certified. We will be using OSHA Standards and practices and have received commercial certification. We decided to start this company to serve others and ourselves in the process. When you think clean - think Klarity Clean. We hope to hear from you soon for your FREE quote!

Why choose Klarity?

We encourage you to choose our company because cleaning should not consume your life. We want you to relax and put your feet up when you come home. Life can sometimes catch us off guard and we are left with huge messes to clean. Perhaps you were left property that has not been maintained or are suffering emotionally? Klarity will be someone you can count on not to judge you but to HELP you!  Our crew members are all trustworthy, reliable and are bound to leave an impression! Klarity will make sure the job gets done...the RIGHT way! We ARE properly certified and insured!!! You can have peace of mind when we enter your home or establishment. We guarantee it!!!

Don't Hesitate!!

No need for second guessing! We offer an extremely large variety of services. We are proud to offer more services than most of our competitors and we can help you find other services that you may need as well. Our team is deeply dedicated to making customers/clients feel satisfied with all the services we provide. YOU are family to us! We will treat you with respect and listen to all your questions and concerns. We are certain you will want to tell all your friends and family that we can do it all AND more! CALL/TEXT OR EMAIL US, TODAY!!!